Dextralog IT Managed Services

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  • phone us 1300 138 109

What we do.

Professional Server Installations, Maintenance and Support.

Server Installations

Dextralog specialises in Microsoft® Small Business Server installations for small and medium-sized companies which offers all the applications they require in one cost-effective package.

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Minimise your I.T. budget

To set up your IT needs quickly and cost effectively, we will start by listening and learning about your business model. This will allow us to make a recommendation on your needs.

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Server Monitoring

Dextralog is able to view your current server performance and usage reports at any time. We can also view event logs and the status of services, and set up or modify monitoring configurations.

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Our Top Services

1Software Support and Development.

With decades of industry experience in software development and support, our team are available for database contracts in MS SQL, MySQL and Access (the guru of Access database is here!)

Experienced programming in VB.Net and PHP.


2Managed I.T. Services.

Take peace of mind knowing that your I.T. is proactively managed by a highly skilled and professional team of I.T. specialists, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Our Managed Services ensures that your I.T. infrastructure is constantly monitored and maintained to ensure that your I.T. is performing 27x7x365. Our managed services can includes anything from mobile devices to core infrastructure hosted internally or within a data centre.

Managed Services provides businesses with the ability to access highly skilled technology specialists to manage and support their I.T. environments without the headaches.

Our Managed I.T. plans are flexible to meet the individual needs of your business. From choosing the components of your I.T. that you want to have managed by Dextralog to a Fully I.T. managed environment, you tailor the package that you need to support your business.


3Protecting your data!

Backing up your data so you are able to restore any system anyway anytime independent of your hardware.

Customer feedback constantly tells us protecting company data on personal computers through to business critical servers is major priority of all business owners and senior managers.

Our focus is to maximise business continuity and minimise your recovery time.

We provide fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration to get desktops, laptops and servers online as quickly as possible.

One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to maximise business continuity and avoid disruption following a server failure.

Protecting your entire server environment including the operating system, applications and your data.


Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 enables small and medium-sized companies to achieve greater reliability and improved performance by simplifying administration tasks such as calendaring, creating distribution lists, sending email messages, automatically performing voicemail transcriptions, providing messaging delivery reports, and archiving mail boxes.

Remote Server Support

Dextralog IT Services can offer remote Server Support which enables our engineers to access your Server and perform the diagnostics or the Exchange Server support task quickly from our office, or we can carry out the work at your site as required


Windows® Small Business Server enables companies to increase employee productivity by providing secure and remote access to emails, company data, client contact information, calendars etc from an online PC.

Dextralogs Small Business Server installation services can include all of the stages outlined below. Please note some of these services are optional and will depend on your requirements:

  • Setup user roles, groups and accounts
  • Join computers to the Small Business Server domain
  • Migrate user profiles and program settings from XP machines to Windows® 7 or 8 machines
  • Redirect user’s folders from local machine to server e.g. documents, desktop etc, to protect against loss of data
  • Configure web link gadgets (Vista only) to allow users to access the company website/emails/info etc from a Vista client’s desktop
  • Configure Exchange Server mailboxes
  • Setup SharePoint® for corporate collaboration
  • Implement backups and security
  • Configure remote access and mobile working
  • Setup SQL Server® 2008 for any line of business applications (available in Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition only)